OTHERPRODUCTS - Compression Sleeve

OTHERPRODUCTS - Compression Sleeve

Compression Sleeves

Gives extra support to active animals, and assists pets experiencing joint, tendon and ligament instability or early fatigue while exercising. They are made ...

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Carpal Support Brace

Front leg wrist support wraps that aid in the support of the carpal (wrist) joint just above the paw. A gentle and supportive 3.0 mm neoprene brace that is h...

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Hemp Bites for Large Breed Dogs

Introducing Holistic Tails’ Crunchy Peanut Butter Hemp Bites for medium-large dogs. Each bite contains 4mg of pure Hemp extract and is intended to be a 30-do...

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Elbow Support Brace

Keep your pet active longer when joint inflammation and pain become an noticeable issue. The Elbow support brace offers comfort to painful arthritic joints,...

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