The Buddy Belt (pet safety seatbelt)

Available in Three Colors! Travel safely with your dog! The Buddy Belt attaches to any standard chest harness. Great for training your dog to stay safe with ...

FETCH $21.00

Chest Halters

Our standard chest halters are compatible with the Walkabout Knee Brace, GrabAbout™, leashes and other similar products.

FETCH $32.00


The Quick Lift Handle with a snap hook attachment that clips easily onto a pet's chest halter. Help your dog safely in and out of the car, up and down stairs...

FETCH $15.00

JAWZ Traction Booties

TAKES A BITE OUT OF FLOORS (2 boots per pack)  JAWZ pet booties are for indoor use on slippery hardwood floors and other slippery surfaces to achieve greater...

FETCH $12.00


Walkaboots hug the pets paws and fit like a glove, enabling your pet to run normally and not trip on a bulky shoe. Trusted and recommended by veterinary hosp...

FETCH $15.00