JAWZ Traction Booties
JAWZ Traction Booties
JAWZ Traction Booties
JAWZ Traction Booties
JAWZ Traction Booties

Measure across the widest part of the paw when the pet is standing.

tip: gently lift the opposite paw so the paw being measured lays flat on the chart

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JAWZ Traction Booties

TAKES A BITE OUT OF FLOORS (2 boots per pack) 

JAWZ pet booties are for indoor use on slippery hardwood floors and other slippery surfaces to achieve greater traction. 

JAWZ are extremely lightweight booties for sensitive paws. They are made out of shark skin neoprene which have an incredibly strong grip on floors and slippery surfaces.

Helpful for dogs having a difficult time getting up off the floor and walking securely without sliding out. Easy to put on and they stay on for hours.

Recommended for dogs with degenerative myelopathy, arthritis, neuropathy, and other situations calling for extra traction. Measure the width of the paw for sizing. They are designed to hug the foot.

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Paw width 0"-1.5" 1.5"-2" 2"-3" 3"-3.5" 3.5"-4"

Please note, if you have a short legged dog that has a slightly bigger than medium size paw select the Med/Large "short" boot. These boots have only one velcro strap and are shorter than our standard med/large boots based on a design for short legged dogs such as basset hounds.